Imagine Wellness, LLC

A true and authentic connection to self and others is essential for a healthy quality of life.  We can guide you through meditations and goal setting activities the help you gain clarity on where you'd like to be in 10 years and the practical steps toward getting you there.  

Behavior Coaching
To ensure a lifetime of wellness and growth we educate each caregiver about the importance of maintaining therapy gains. They'll leave our office with a bevy of information, tips, and tricks that'll keep them moving along the right path toward independence.
Caregiver Education

See how clients describe their time as part of the Imagine Wellness family.

Coordination of Care
Every client's first visit to us starts with a comprehensive assessment. We take the time to evaluate the unique strengths and challenges that may be lurking, so that a custom behavioral or speech program can be created. ​

Private In-Office Therapy

​Imagine Wellness breaks through molds and challenges conventional boundaries by embracing families and wrapping them in support and compassion, while inspiring its own clinicians to reconnect to their own passions as healers and guides. Our goal is to create trust with our families by fostering connection and understanding as a foundation to facilitate sustainable growth.

Holistic, Empowering, Sustainable

Every professional and caregiver in a child's life is an integral part of the child's wellness team. We work hard to ensure that contact between ABA clinician and the rest of the team remains healthy and active throughout the course of treatment.