What to expect


​Yoga life coaches are not consultants.  We will not dictate what you should do and how you should do it. Only you know what is right for you! In yoga life coaching we offer up possibilities or alternatives but YOU decide your own path. We are not selling you a lifestyle because the answers are already within you.  We look at identifying your noble pursuit and steps to action so that you can live your best life.


Why get a coach


​In yoga life coaching we do not dig into your past and try to fix "unresolved" issues.  Instead we look at what's happening now...right now. As my mentor Debbie Williamson says, "yoga life coaching is a powerful, purposeful conversation designed to create YOUR best life".

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Yoga life coaching

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Cost & timing


A session = 30 minutes on the phone together plus prep time before and final notes after (done without the client on the phone).

Payment is due prior to the start of our session

Payment Packages Include:

10-sessions for $120/session

5-sessions for $125/session

3-sessions for $150/session

*each package includes a free 20 minute initial consult.