You are not alone!...let me say that again...You are not alone!

At Imagine Wellness we want you to feel, believe, and know deep down that you are supported.  We are here to guide you and help you define what wellness means to you, and what wellness looks like in your life.

If you are a person searching for what's next, a parent of a child with a disability that feels lost in the shuffle of constant therapy schedules, a teenager looking for a supportive way to start your next chapter in health and wellness then this service is just what you’re looking for!

Life coaching can take many forms: whether we are working to heal your relationship with your body, helping you reclaim your joy and fulfillment in life, or diligently working on your 10 years career goals, the many tasks and hats you wear each day can create overgrowth on our trail and conceal our path.  But our goal for you is always the same...



Join us for a 1.6 mile hike on an easy trail lead by Yoga Life Coach Crystal Wissinger.  She will guide you through a delicious meditation at the foot of a beautiful dam filled with the sounds of cascading water & the sights of beautiful fall foliage. 

Stay a while after the walk to enjoy a sample of locally sourced Kombucha provided by Gypsy Systers. 

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"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." ". ~ Margarete Wheatly

Imagine Wellness, LLC


To discover your truth and to live fully in it!

​Are you ready to begin ?