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Imagine Wellness, LLC offers excellent ABA services for those on the spectrum. Crystal worked in home with my son for over two years and truly was instrumental in his development and growth. Being a teenager on the spectrum is difficult, but Crystal was always there to listen to our son's concerns as well as ours. Working with us on a plan for his treatment, she focused on developing critical life skills to ensure our sons success. As our son is becoming a more independent adult, we are seeing first hand the positive results of his work with Crystal. I highly recommend Crystal and Imagine Wellness! ~Brian P.


​Imagine a medical provider that is willing to work with you to bring out the skills that you as a parent know your child has, but which the schools or doctors don't believe him/her capable of. Imagine your child healed and well to the best of their ability; then think of Imagine Wellness. Crystal and her team or ABA Therapists, especially Jamie, are exceptional at what they do. My son Daniel loves Jamie and we've seen so much progress in him in only a few weeks- our future is bright. I highly recommend them! ~Cindy R.


The Imagine Wellness team is professional and makes genuine efforts to address the specific needs of the client. Jamie has been wonderful with my son. He responds very well to her teaching methods, and he really loves being with her. We've seen a lot of progress in just a few months. Thank you all for what you do!~Shabana A.


​In the time that my son has been in need of services for his Autism Spectrum Disorder, we have not found another provider more knowledgeable or caring than Crystal. She has worked with us individually, as well as through the camp she has run in the summer. Your family member could not be in better hands, than with Imagine Wellness, LLC. ~Sara B.


​We have been using Imagine Wellness service since 2012 after my son was diagnosed with Spectrum Disorder. The therapy that has been provided has been utterly life changing not just for him but for the entire family. He was closed off, not social at all, extremely picky eater, and would shut down constantly. Now he tries new things everyday, wants to be a Chef. Washes dishes without issue (a chore which he would break down and cry if asked to do). He still isn't social but he has a girlfriend so can't say much on that. Imagine Wellness has managed to bring my son out of his shell and opened his eyes to aspects in life he thought were impossible. If you have a child in need then you would be a fool not to use Imagine Wellness. ! ~Ken M.

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