Imagine Wellness, LLC

Group Healing Offerings Include:

  • Relaxation & reflexology classes

  • Meditation Series

Relaxation Stations to heal & Support

Imagine Wellness offers caregivers an ADULT ONLY space to sit, relax, and enjoy some downtime while their child is enjoying their therapeutic services.

Beginning in January 2020 Imagine Wellness will be offering the following parent clinics:

  • Group ABA parent training

  • The Family Circle: A clinician-lead support group for caregivers and siblings

Therapeutic Massage is also offered to Imagine Wellness' primary care givers at a reduced rate of $80/1-hour session.

BUT....We take care of our tribe and pay half of the bill for you...So our patient's primary caregivers get a 1-hour massage for  JUST $40

​​(The special Rate of $40 for 1-hour session is reserved for current therapy clients only.  Outside caregivers may still take advantage of the reduced rates of $80 for 1-hour or $40 for 30 minutes).​

Group Sessions To Nourish & Support YOUR growth

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Caring for the Caregiver